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  • What’s the difference between polishing and buffing a car?
    Car buffing or polishing has the same goal—get rid of scratches or any imperfections and leave a glossy brighter shine. Most car detailers would use the term interchangeably because of that reason. Nonetheless, there are small differences between both processes. Buffing removes a thin layer of paint to remove scratches, while polishing uses abrasives to rejuvenate the paint and brings out its luster. Since a car polish is abrasive, without professional knowledge, you could end up damaging your car.
  • What to do if there is liquid food or vomit spilled in the car?
    The best thing to do if there is a food or vomit spill in the car is to immediately head to a service station and pull it off using a servo vacuum so that the damage can be minimized. First thing has been done, the second is thing to avoid a stain as a result from the spillage on the carpets or seats, for which we recommend sprinkling baking soda powder on top of the spillage in a good quantity so that it can absorb any left over of waste. Last but not the least, best to contact us and and we would do a good mini-car detail giving you premium outside car wash and interior vehicle detailing which will make your car like new again.
  • Automatic car washes—good or bad?
    If you care for your car’s paintwork at all, as much as possible, you should avoid automatic car washes. Traditionally, these uses rotating bristle brushes that may leave scratch marks on your car’s exterior. There may also be dirt and other abrasive materials in those brushes that will damage your car’s paint finish. On the other hand, car washing at home can also be damaging if you don't pay attention to the materials and car products you apply. At Car Detailing Guru, we use high-quality materials to treat your automobile. We will apply a double-action commercial-grade shampoo along with a micro layer of wax during car washing. The process will remove all grimes and dirt on your car and give it its natural glow and depth.
  • What is the best tool I can use to clean interior of the car especially the tight spaces?
    You can possibly consider buying "Car Cleaning Kit" from any Godfrey's store which is approximately 59$ worth. This kit has many smart little attachments which can be good to clean dust and dirt from tiny spaces such as cup holders, AC vents or even the spaces between the console and seats. Car detailing guru's are also equipped with same car cleaning kit for Tier 1 interior detailing jobs.
  • Difference between conventional cut and polish and paint correction?
    Usual car detailers advertise cut and polish service as part of full detailing however avoid explaining the inclusions in the part of the deal. Generally, cut and polish includes applying cutting compound and performing machine assisted buffing on the car without working on swirl marks and paint defects that could be well fixed during the activity. A simple cut and polish activity does not take more than 30mins to 45 mins depending on the vehicle's size. On the other hand, a paint correction service usually takes some where between 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs carefully identifying swirl marks, light to medium scratches and correcting light paint defects to bring out the factory default condition of the paint job out. This activity is highly skilled and is only offered by top car detailers at a higher price tag, which includes usage of multiple category buffing pads, chemical compounds and specialized machines such as orbital and rotary machines. A lot people need to understand that, cut and polish can be done by anyone where as paint correction requires years of experience and detailed knowledge of how technology and specific products are to be used on a vehicle. At car detailing guru, we offer triple action stage 1 paint correction as part of our full detail service at a very competitive price, results of which are obvious and can be seen in the gallery.
  • What do if the car seats or interior carpets are flooded or water spilled over?
    Switch ON the car engine. Put the car windows up, turn ON fan to max speed, switch the air mode to re-cycle, switch ON the air conditioner with temperature set to max hot. This method will dry up the carpets and seats in about 40 mins depending on the weather. We use the similar method during interior vehicle detailing after we have shampooed the seats and the carpets. ​
  • Is it a good idea to detail a new car right away?
    Yes, getting your new car detailed right away is a must, and here’s why. Before it arrives on your doorstep, your new car probably took a two-week journey across Australia, picking up dust and other microscopic pieces along the road. Then, if you opted for detailing at your dealership, you should know that most don’t even wash cars with water first. They skip right to polishing, causing damage to it. To put it simply, a new car doesn’t mean “new” everything. Car Detailing Guru handles new car detailing that will leave it shining for a long while.
  • How do car detailers charge the pricing for their services?
    Majority of the mobile and fixed car detailing and car wash businesses will not have a fixed pricing for the services they offer due to the varying nature of their work. The reason for this is, that a customer might ask them to do a car which either big or small in size, and might need more than usual work to be done to restore the interior and exterior of your vehicle. In doing so, a lot of them will have a benchmark starting price of their service for a small car and they add on the cost depending on the situation. A generic thumb rule that most trades person's use is that they usually quote a price for the job which comes to anything between 85$ to 100$ per hour if translated in number of hours worked.
  • Can all the scuff marks and scratches be removed in paint correction?
    Paint correction is as good as the condition of the paint. As a rule of thumb, if the scratches or scuff marks are nail deep meaning they can be felt using a nail, it means that the damage has gone beyond the clear of coat of the paint and it will be extremely hard to get it fixed only using paint correction and buffing method. A lot, depends on the the thickness of the paint on the vehicle as well, on average a good condition vehicle has a paint thickness from any where starting from 5 mil to 7 mil. The thicker the paint the more chance that car detailers will be able to work harder on painted surface. Good car detailers would only go to a stage where they wont damage the vehicle's paint job, which is considered a good practice, as rightly said, better be safe then sorry. At our business, we use specialized paint measurement gauges and UV light instruments to practice very safe methods and offer 2 and 3 stage paint correction methods which gives amazing results. Sometimes a fine difference between an average and top car cleaning business.
  • Is it okay to detail a car in direct sunlight?
    No, car detailing or car washing should NOT be done under direct sunlight or on a hot surface. The heat would cause car cleaning products to dry faster than you can wash them off. This may result in water spots or swirl marks on the paint and will make your work harder. If you don’t have a garage at home, we recommend that you do it under a shade of a tree or at a time where the sun is not high. But with our expertise and professional car cleaning products, Car Detailing Guru can work regardless of the time and the location.
  • Can all dog hair be removed?
    Simply put, it depends on the dog hair type. Some dogs have very tiny hair which get mingled and stuck in the deep fiber of the car carpets, such dog hair are extremely hard to remove. At car detailing guru, we offer the service of car interior cleaning / detailing, in which we use special tools and tricks which brings up really good results. However, we cannot guarantee that 100% of dog hair will be removed even though most of the times we do not stop making our customers happy.
  • Why is it necessary to avoid water within 24 hours after coating?
    At Car Detailing Guru, we always caution our customers to avoid water contact within 24 hours, post-application. During this curing time, the coating and the clear coat form crosslink bonds that will fuse them. The process will reinforce the architecture of the coat, giving it its full hydrophobic capabilities. If rainwater penetrates it before its fully cured, the bonds will destabilize, leading to a premature coating failure or water spots.
  • What’s the difference between wax, sealant, and ceramic coating?
    First off, there are three stages when applying your car paints—primer, base coat, and the clear coat (i.e., wax, sealant, ceramic coating). These car products’ main differences lie in their performance regarding longevity, gloss enhancement, and hydrophobic properties (the beading and sheeting of water). Carnauba waxes have the least rating in durability, typically lasting within 1-4 months. One advantage of this is its ability to enhance the rich color of your car. It contains oils and polymers that will create a glossier finish allowing water to bead and sheet off easily. On a summer day, a sealant is your best bud. These are heat-resistant and are more durable than wax products. A polymer-synthetic sealant offers six months to a year worth of protection. It lacks that natural and warm feel that wax provides but still lets off water easily. Lastly, at Car Detailing Guru, we use a ceramic coating on all our clients. Ceramic coating has the best qualities of both—and more. It offers the most UV protection, longest durability, best hydrophobic properties, and it has self-cleaning properties which require less maintenance.
  • How much time does it take for car detailing services?
    Car detailing Guru, offers range of mobile car detailing and car wash services near Melbourne and suburbs in the south east. On average our entry level 59$ (T & C apply) takes approximate an hour, where as for more extensive exterior and interior vehicle detailing projects might take some where 5 hours to fully complete them. The time we take shows, that Car Detailing Guru never rushes your project and we take all the time we need to make sure we can make you happy.
  • How to sanitize car AC vents?
    You can buy any good spray odor removal can or other products for cars from "Super Cheap Auto" at an affordable price, which can be used multiple times on need to basis. When needing to sanitize AC vents just spray 3 or 4 times under the dash on the left hand side passenger side. Majority of the cars have its cabin filter installed in that place. Start the vehicle, switch on the AC on recycled air mode with full fan, it will suck in the sprayed odor removal and as it passes through the AC vents it will perform the sanitizing function as it contains good quantity of anti bacterial.
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