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Terms & Conditions

  1. Client accepts full responsibility of work being carried out and understands that any existing damage cosmetic or other on the vehicle will be notified to the business while service is in progress. In addition, if there has been repair works done on the vehicle that is not in genuine or factory condition will be communicated to the business before the work is initiated.

  2. We use a professional & powerful car detailing certified pressure washing equipment, in the case where car paint has been re-sprayed by unapproved / non factory paint or paint chips are present, there can be a risk of further paint chipping away or paint work bubbling up, we however take utmost care and do not take any liability of any occurrence in the above situation.

  3. Client accepts responsibility that any concerns with quality of service will be communicated before the business will offsite. Any requests to address concerns later may incur a 50$ charge to re-attend if the business is not found at fault.

  4. Client accepts that personal items in the glove box or centre console or anywhere in the vehicle will need to be removed by themselves before work is initiated, as business will not be liable for any losses if any item is misplaced or not found later.

  5. Some spaces in the vehicle have extremely limited access, in order to have 100% surfaces cleaned, we highly recommend getting seats removed by certified mechanic and later installed back without which this is not possible.

  6. The business does not remove any attachments such as head lamp protectors, bonnet protectors, roof racks, baby seats or seat covers etc. Removing and installing accessories back are clients responsibility.

  7. Some headlamps can have calcium deposits  or other type of damages on the inner side of the glass which cannot be fixed during headlight restoration activity.

  8. Headlights covered with oxidization and calcium deposits can heavily conceal existing scratches & imperfections not visible before restoration. Once restoration activity is finished such imperfections can be more visible. We do not take any liability for such scratches or existing damage on headlamps.

  9. The business does not guarantee that 100% dog hair or sand can be removed from fabric or carpet surfaces due to the nature of the contaminant particles.

  10. Only certified car detailing products should be used in the vehicles. The client accepts that no product that is not related to automotive industry has been used prior as it can react with the chemicals used by the business. Failure to advise prior starting the job, can cause surface degradation or damage for which client will not be eligible to claim losses from the business as a result of this.

  11. Plastics which have been badly scratched or damaged cant be restored 100% by the use of trim polish.

  12. Stains on the carpets and seats can de-colour fabric or leave permanent marks if left for a long time. Such stains cant be removed completely.

  13. Client understands that mold / fungus is build up due to bacteria and humidity. We can disinfect and remove mold however cannot guarantee if mold will not re-occur as the source of humidity could be due to internal leaks etc or age of the vehicle which is out of our hands. Business does not take any liability if mold re-occurs.

  14. The client is actively advised to turn on the engine with AC switched on, blower switched to recycle air, full heat and full fan setting with direction of air set to face & feet if the seats and carpets have been shampooed. Refusing to follow this instruction can cause mould buildup due to humidity factor for which business does not take any liability.

  15. At times “condensation” can happen inside the vehicle after a seats & carpets shampoo when the temperature outside is different than inside of the vehicle. At time, a blocked pollen filter can also be the reason of this occurring. Its is advisable to do the following to get rid of condensation: Drying off the fabric seats & carpets inside vehicle on ASAP. (Refer to point 12 for it.) Air out your car by leaving windows open a little bit.

  16. The orbital polishing machine buffs the car body at an average RPM of 3000 to 4000 revolutions per minute which produces some level of vibrations. Due to this, any loose attachments or car parts can either further get loose or even get slightly dislocated. It is customers responsibility to ensure the car is mechanically and cosmetically in optimum condition before work is undertaken. The business does not take ownership of incidents resulting as a result of above condition.

  17. The detailing work can at times take long hours to finish, during which we might have to keep doors open for extended times to gain access. Although we do not run electronics from your vehicle and as such no battery power is used by us, we do not take ownership of battery going flat as a result of drawing power which is outside of our control.

  18. We do not wash or detail the engine bay by default, we request the client to advise the team before starting any work if you wish for them to do the engine bay as well. However, please note that water going in to the engine bay can cause electrical and mechanical faults and Car Detailing Guru does not take any liability of any such event should a fault may occur as a result of this.

  19. The windows and glass surfaces may develop calcium deposit stains or other acidic marks over period of time. Car Detailing Guru will make every effort to clear these glass stains however in some instances they cannot be fixed due to the nature of marks or if the issue is found with tinting film installed in the inside.

  20. Rule of thumb for swirl marks and scratches, if scratches / swirl marks are nail deep, possibly it has gone through clear coat and possibly damaged the outer glossy layer of paint. Cut and polish / paint correction services might reduce such marks but might not completely remove it. Paint correction done is as good as the condition of the paint itself. Stage 1 cut & polish is done to reduce light to mild scratches & swirls. Stage 2 cut & polish & paint correction is done to further reduce light to mild scratches & swirls with achieved level of 50% and added gloss level. Stage 3 cut & polish paint correction is done to compliment stage 2 paint correction to get further finish in terms of mirror like glass finish and can achieve up to 70% reduction in scratches, swirls and other paint imperfections.

Car Detailing Paint Defections Paint Correction
Car Cut and Polish Paint Correction

  1. Ceramic coating product requires general maintenance like any other product and does not guarantee protection against abuse and mis-use.

  2. It is clients responsibility to request warranty card including terms & conditions for ceramic paint protection once the job has been completed. Failure to maintain vehicle as advised will nullify warranty offered on paint protection package. It is advisable to maintenance wash vehicle at least once a year for ceramic coating to remain performing optimally. 

Some myths around ceramic coating and paint protection jobs are listed below:

  1. The paint protection is all about the best product! ❌ No. The product matters 30%. 70% is the skill with which car surface is prepped that matters.

  2. Any car can be restored with paint protection. ❌ No. The best results on any car depend on how good the paint of the car is. Its as good as paint itself.

  3. More layers of coating means more protection. ❌ No. If the surface prep is not done properly even a 100 layers of coating will not stand test of times. With good prep even a single layer can go for years.

  4. Post ceramic coating I do not need to worry about anything. ❌ No. Even though some coatings offer self healing & self cleaning properties the car must be shown due care, such as washing once a week with PH neutral shampoo, keeping indoors for parking, not using incorrect techniques to wash.

  5. The paint protection warranty applies on all car. ❌ No. The warranty covers only painted surface and terms & condition in regards to proper maintenance apply. Read conditions prescribed by manufacturer as they differ generally. 

  6. Paint correction is not required on new vehicles. ❌ No. New cars have as many defects as any other cars on the paint, however they are concealed during the delivery of the vehicle by dealerships by use of quick wax. Professional car detailers have an eye and special equipment to flag what you cant even notice. Paint correction is a must however the intensity can differ depending on condition of the vehicle. 

  7. After ceramic coating I expect the water to roll off every time the vehicle is washed. ❌ & 💯 - It depends! If your car is in clean condition you should expect water beading. Whether the water rolls off or not simply depends on the curves of the car. The more aerodynamic the more water roll off!

  8. Is ceramic paint protection worth it? 💯/💯. Simple reasons below:
    Maintain high gloss for years
    Protect from paint fading
    Protect from UV damage
    Protect from environmental fallouts
    Helps hold value of vehicle better
    Makes life easier. Easy to wash & clean

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